How to make a finger doll

Finger puppets are a fun toy for people of all ages! With some creativity, you can make the puppets resemble anything you would like. Making simple finger puppets is fairly easy and is a great arts & crafts experience.For this finger doll I used felt paper ,that very easy for this.

You will need various  felt paper ,colour of the felt is your choice, something to draw on the felt, scissors or an  blade, and a thread & needle. You should also purchase any decorations you would like to have, such as googly eyes or sparkles. If you cannot or do not want to sew,In this puppet instead of googly eye I stitched eyes and mouth with embroidery thread.

Put your finger or your child’s finger on top of the felt. Trace about a quarter of a centimeter around the perimeter of the finger with tailor’s chalk or any marker that will show up on the felt. If you want the puppet to have arms, draw some while tracing the finger.If you traced your finger on the edge of the felt, you will not need to cut a straight line because the edge serves as a straight line,then u have to sew it ,and watch the video down below for clear instructions .If you are unable to sew, or do not have a lot of time, use a hot glue gun. Remove the top layer of felt and carefully apply the glue in a thin line around the puppet. Make sure the glue is close to the edge of the felt, and that none gets in the middle of the finger puppet. Press the top layer of felt back onto the bottom layer. The felt should be aligned and not crooked; the finger puppet could easily get messed up if this step is done incorrectly. Let the puppet sit for a while after this step.

Here is the video tutorial

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