How to make washing sponge doll

Do your kids love dolls? They’re soft and cuddly and simply adorable! So let’s learn about these cute creatures and make them with easily available things like washing spong or sponge! Then, let’s make a this adorable sponge doll craft with love! As always it’s easy and cute.

Like I mentioned this dolls are made with washing sponge and are full of personality. Choose the fabric gloves or fabric piece for the head part  with care; its works for this adorable dolls because making or fixing hair may be little difficult.Actually dolls are mimicked in many forms, be it with paper, fabric, sox ,sponge,cotton and even with clay. The beauty of these dolls representations is that the heart of the artists. A crafter can do a  spectacular job of recreating or recycling in a beautiful creativity. When we discovered her/his work, there was simply no way we could keep it to ourselves. Take it an inspiration and make this cuties with your imagination ,you gonna happy .

Trust me, crafts will brightens up your day and life,and that is something that adds a bit of color in your life ,here I am simply sharing my ideas thats may help you to brighten your days .

Easy craft

Here is the video tutorial

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