How to make toothpick yarn doll

Today I just tried to make this dolls ..its very much easy and beautiful.These dolls are made from little more than toothpicks and yarn. Choose the yarn for the hair how you want; normal threads for straight hair, and woolen threads for curls(cut the small piece of woolen thread and pull it one by one  its looks curly ).

After making this craft I felt so happy because I totally loved this little ones ..This particular DIY  dolls has only few steps, but if you just follow one after the other, you might find that it’s easier than it seems!can use different colours of thread for this dolls. You can use any type of yarn,  gluing step to make the hair styles just do as you like even braided one also can make , and I am sure little ones would be happy to have join with you to make this ..Happy doll making ! xo xo xo

Here is the video tutorial that will help you to learn how to make this cuties

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