How to make corn husk doll

Corn husk dolls or corn dollies have been a part of harvest festivals in many parts of the world for centuries. They began with the notion that people would gain good luck and a successful harvest the following year if dollies were woven from this year’s harvested corn. While we’re less superstitious than the olden times, we can still enjoy reviving old crafts for the sake of making something pretty to display.You can buy corn husk from amazon or other craft shops for craft purpose ,they are available in many colours,but I used corn husk which from the corn I bought,but you have to dry the corn husks off
Start by 10 mt soaking your corn husks in water to make them soft and pliable. Do this for an hour or so before you need to work with them. You may want to place a heavy object on top of them to keep them submerged in the water or use paper towel for that.

To make hair, glue yarn or woollen thread to the heads.For clothes I made from coloured husk,watch the video down below then its easily understandable for you ,so why are you waiting , let’s make this cute husk doll

Video tutorial

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