How to make plastic bottle dolls

Today I made craft dolls with recycled plastic bottles, that’s ended up with this lovable and easy DIY plastic bottle dolls, it’s really best out of waste craft idea. Watch this craft video, which I posted down below and you will get an awesome ideas to make dolls from recycled plastic bottles , After making this dolls, you can decorate with your imagination. It can be a best handmade home decor. this craft idea can bring smile on your kids face. you can encourage your kids to make this easy craft for them self. ” Why to buy one from store when they can make one for them self ? ” I hope I showed this DIY in step by step. This DIY craft idea is unique, creative and easy. Defiantly This DIY craft idea and life hacks will make crafts more fun
Plastic bottle dolls
Plastic bottle dolls
Plastic bottle dolls
Plastic bottle dolls
Video tutorial

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