How to make easy quilling  birds

I knew this day would come.  The day I share the tutorial for my first quilling.  My yellow paper quilling chick.  I’ve had many requestsfor this from my youtube fans, so I decided to try something easy, I done!Quilling is an art .but I am always thinking about easy craft things so this is the result,and for this short list of necessities includes strips of paper, glue, and a tool with which to roll the paper — that’s it! Even better, there’s probably no need to shop for supplies before you try quilling, as a bamboo skewer, round toothpick, or even a cake tester from your kitchen drawer can serve as a substitute tool. Cut your own practice strips from a sheet of ordinary computer paper, using a paper cutter.

You can make this cute quilling birds very fastly because it’s so much easy than you think,With a little practice, you can almost find quilling to be creatively satisfying and fun.

Here is the video tutorial how to make quilling birds…tadaaaa…..
Happy Quilling !

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