How to make easy paper doll

Each new day brings new ideas for fun critters we want to make and enjoy the latest paper dolls are so super adorable that you are going to want to immediately turn off your computer and go make them with your kids.  and what can I say, they need to go on  . Keep reading this article of adorableness when you see paper doll puppets.And this super silly Paper doll puppet is an easy paper craft for young children to make. Cutting the paper, folding the paper together, that I am showing in video end of this article, and connecting the parts to create the doll body is a fun way for children to develop their fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination too.

My preschooler niece is a big fan of using  papers for  this crafts. So am I! We really enjoyed the fun textures the  paper created in our doll puppet,so I decided to create more of this type cute funny paper dolls with them  and we made this super adorable ,so make this craft and have fun!

Spend some time crafting these cute paper dolls  with your kids. They’re easy to make and perfect for decorating a child’s craft space or even special occations like birthday,children’s day celebrations and so on .Mix and match paper colors (e.g., green body with yellow arms or designed paper  body with pink arms) and you can give your dolls more personality. Let your child pick out the doll characteristics and have fun!

Here is the video tutorial

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