How to make easy cotton bunny 

Are you looking for an easy inexpensive craft ideas? then you are in a right place, I am  loving   recycled easy DIY projects made with first aid cotton. With so many fabulous ideas for cotton, you’ll think twice before throwing them away again!  The list of possibilities is endless! I’m sharing this cute bunny making idea with you all.This is also a great opportunity to get your kids involved in and teach them about recycling something as simple as a first aid cotton. These projects will also keep them busy over the weekends and holidays!

Doing something creatable with your family is probably one of the most exciting things to do during the holiday season. You don’t have to buy some expensive and fancy decors as I mentioned above. You can make your own showcase decorative things or gifts with very simple materials. Here is an easy, fun and inexpensive way to make adorable bunnies with first aid cotton. They look very pretty. Kids can help with this craft, where they can use their creativity and imaginations. It teaches the kids to be imaginative and models a simple way to reuse and recycle. These cotton dolls will be a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations!
Here are the things you may need:
– first aid cotton
-piece of fabric
-white and pink colour felt paper
-google eyes or eyes draw and cut from paper

Here is the video tutorial

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