How to make cotton swab (ear buds ) doll

Yes ! This beautiful doll made with cotton swab; sound  funny isn’t ? But it’s work , it’s really easy to do as well.I’m sure that all of you heard by now that using cotton swabs for craft works,isn’t it ?you have to buy cotton swabs for easy craft projects, because they’re seriously useful making some adorable things! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite craft that is how to make cotton swab doll .

Making this adorable doll I used few things like chart paper, glue, cotton swab, glitter paper, cotton, thread and glitters , all things are available in our house.

I really loved this handmade doll , definitely you should try once this adorable craft

I always love to do simple crafts like this , it’s the best craft you can give weekend craft assessment to you little once

Here is the video tutorial

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