How to make cotton doll /Easy doll making idea

Are you wonder that How to make doll with cotton ? Yes ! we can make handmade doll with cotton. Making your own cotton doll with its own dress, that is something for people who love crafts and handmade things. This is a fun project that anyone can do.

Making cotton dolls is a fun, easy way to express your creative side and make a personalized toy. This is a great craft for young children, older kids, and adults alike. Whether you want to make a cotton doll for a child’s craft or simply as an artistic hobby, you’ll need cotton,glue,fabrics and some decorative things. Watch my video tutorial down below for the clear step by step procedure.

Cotton Doll making is very much fun and easy, my favorite part of this diy doll making dress for the doll . Cotton doll can be a fun project for people of any age. With some simple materials and a little planning, you can do it yourself. Keep watching our YouTube video below for the detailed instructions.

Watch video tutorial here

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