How to make cotton birds /Cotton doll making tutorial

I love to make DIY handmade dolls, so this DIY cotton birds making is just my experiment, but I love the result , I hope you all gonna love this and teach this simple diy crafts for your little ones.If you want to teach a simple craft doll to your kids this is the best craft idea. Choose a color cottons for this craft diy projects, its easily available in super markets,it’s not even costly.

DIY cotton doll tutorial, May be it would sound a bit weird, but it’s really a fun to make birds with cottons. It is really easy to make it. it can also be used to decorate the Christmas tree or else you can just place it anywhere in your room.

While your diy cotton dolls looks fine and plump, he’s not done until you’ve added googly eyes and lips , for eyes you can even use ready made dolls eyes,but here I used paper eyes which I draw in a paper same thing in lip also just rolled red paper piece for lip. While there are no hard and fast rules, the standard decorations include eyes and lips.

This is a soft, adorable doll easy to make from cotton balls. He can be large or small depending on the size of can you wish to use. He will sit on a table, floor, or under the tree. This is a diy project for children and a parent. The children make the cotton birds, the parent just help them with instructions, watch the video for clear instructions and don’t forget to subscribe our You tube channel for more easy craft ideas
The holidays are a great time to create your own decorations, especially when you have someone to do it with. These cute cotton birds decorations are inexpensive while easy and fun to make.

Video tutorial

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