How to make Bottle cap doll

This is a very simple craft for your kids with inexpensive things like bottle caps and papers ,and this is a best out of waste .As always its simple and easy to make.And your hunt for the best bottle cap crafts is over ! Bottle caps are one of my favorite craft materials and for good reason.
When it comes to bottles, their re-purpose can be a very easy project, with plenty ideas available on the internet. But if we reuse the bottle, why not find creative ways of re-purposing the bottle caps as well? That thought ended up with this craft project.
Plastic or metallic, bottle caps can be transformed into beautiful art pieces with little to no effort from your part. If you are to pursue bottle cap crafts for your home make sure you gather your family, friends and loved ones to participate in the piece of art that will remain in your memory for years to come.
Video tutorial

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