Hand painted Kurta & mirror work 

Fabric painting is an art , which will give your fabric in a new look . Mastering the art of fabric painting allows you to become your own cloth fashion designer by painting your ideas into existence. Learn to develop a design, trace it onto any piece of fabric, and paint it !

You can use a large clipboard, smooth cardboard, or waxed paper in between the two sides to prevent the paint from bleeding.

Hold the bottle like a pencil as you squeeze gently to release the paint. Be sure to touch the tip of the bottle directly to the fabric so that the paint adheres to the fabric surface.

These fabrics gives paintings a unique contrast that makes them seem to glow with an inner light. Painting on fabric requires special techniques. You’ll need to use a stencil or carbon paper to transfer a design onto the fabric.

cotton, silk or another natural material is best. These options are preferable because the paint is more likely to slip off the surface of a synthetic material

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