Bottle Doll Organizer

Doll Bottle Organizer / Bottle dollcraft

Doll Bottle Organizer craft is a fun and creative way to recycle bottles while making your home beautiful at the same time. Decorated bottles can be used for any occasions, or as accent pieces your visitors are sure to notice. You can also choose any type of dolls to make this Doll Bottle Organizer to reflect your personality, style, and creativity. With so many fantastic ideas to choose from, you’ll be making this art like a pro in no time.

Doll Bottle Organizer ,Barbie doll used

Doll Bottle Organizer Craft :

This organizer make your home brightens and more beautiful. You may have seen them in art shows. Now even you can have one at your own place. It’s one of the simplest and cheapest ways to decorate your bottle in a creative way. The materials you need for this project are easily available at your home. To add the beauty of this craft ,you need bottle, old barbie doll and glitter papers,all are easily available things.

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Doll Bottle Organizer, Barbie doll used

Doll Bottle Organizer :

You can easily decorate your bottles with supplies like paint, glitter, stones and so on. Before starting to decorate your bottles, you should completely empty and wash them ,Recycling your empty bottles are best creativity you can do on weekend craft sections,then you can reuse them by turning them into beautiful decorations for your home. When it finished don’t forget to find a best spot to display your works.

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DIY Bottle Organizer:

When you want a secret box or container, you can make this DIY bottle organizer,According to your creativity you can design doll dress , it’s much fun to do this craft.For this craft I used old Barbie doll , but you can also used any type of doll according to your creativity.

Doll Bottle Organizer, Barbie Doll Used

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