DIY Miniature Dollhouse / Modern BARBIE Dollhouse Dream dollhouse With Full Furniture & Lights

There’s something special about miniature versions of life-sized buildings. Dollhouses have the power to light up the imaginations of both children and adults alike. All you need to make this realistic dollhouse is a box and basic craft supplies. Decorate the dollhouse with pretty colours and then fill it with tiny furniture. Have fun creating your very own dollhouse! For this DIY dollhouse making we used cardboards and foam sheets.

Any regular box ,cardboard or foam sheets will work for this activity. Opt for a big box for a large dollhouse or use a small box if you want a smaller project. Watch our video tutorial which I posted down below for clear instructions.

A cardboard box dollhouse is the simple and fun solution. It’s cheap, easy and the only thing you really need is stacks of imagination about what to put where.

Depending on your wish you can decide the size of the dollhouse. The larger the box, the more work the house needs but the more options you’ll have, so even for small dolls, a large box can provide hours of fun in designing, making and playing.If you choose cardboard box that should be clean. Avoid boxes which are dirty, have smudge marks, squashed insect stains or similar as such stains will disappoint any kid playing with it. But you can even use foam sheets also for this diy project

Whether you’re making doll furniture or a school project, miniature furniture can be challenging without a plan. Create a bedroom set with a miniature lamp, storage tote, and bed. Gather your supplies and follow simple patterns before you attempt to move on to more complicated designs. Watch the video tutorial for step by step procedure.

Empty cover boxes can be turned into a cute little set of kitchen drawers. This miniature drawer set can be a eye catching thing in diy dollhouse kitchen area, colors are your choice.

Learn everything you want about Miniature dollhouse from this article. Learn about topics such as how to make your own dollhouse, doll bed,kitchen,bedroom and so on , and watch our helpful step-by-step video instructions which posted down below.

When it’s holiday for your dolls, you can have the dolls use with their own dollhouse kitchen, drawing room etc. It’s very simple to make this dollhouse using boxes and some basic craft items. Get started this dream project.

Watch video tutorial here

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