Cute cotton swab doll tutorial

Making this cotton swab doll is a great way to spend quality time with your kids. Best out of waste, you can make this doll cost free and can draw eyes and mouth with black color pen or instead of that you can even paste small black bead as eyes ,that as you like.when you are done  you know how to make a very cute easy basic doll, you can make more dolls in all sizes and colors!Hope you gonna love this !

This is the easiest way to make your own first doll. Once you get a feel for the color and doll making you can experiment with your own way of doll making. Before starting you have to collect needed things to complete the project such as cotton swab,thread,piece of fabric,glue and black color pen.If you want ,you can use this doll as a key chain,and I can say that this must be a great gift for your loved ones,you know handmade dolls are always precious .

If you enjoy crafts and art ideas of working with easily available things and a variety of materials to make art, you will find these instructions down below easy to get you started. These dolls are for decoration and not meant as a toy. However, they can capture a wide range of expressions for all to admire.Happy craft and I would love to hear from you all ,if you have any doubt please write in comment box below .

Dolls are a great way to decorate party and as well as gift it your friends.Making them is a fun and easy craft you can do at home. You can make simple or different style  dolls from any materials you have around the house, Happy craft !

Video tutorial

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