6 Easy DIY HOME Decors by Aloha Crafts

DIY piggi bank made out of plastic bottle , it’s a best craft idea that you can make with your kids and keep this DIY piggi bank in their room, a very unique handmade home decor.Watch video tutorial here

DIY unicorn container made out of plastic bottle , it’s very simple to make but awesome room decor as a organizer in your room. Handmade things are always pretty they gave more positive energy , so don’t throw plastic bottle hereafter ,let’s make Unicorn container ,Watch video tutorial here

DIY pencil holder to organize your desk , for this diy craft I used plastic bottle ,don’t you think it’s a best out of craft idea?

DIY Lamp made from plastic bottle ,this craft is so easy to do than you think. Plastic bottles can be convenient to use, but they’re not particularly good for the environment and can be tough to recycle. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to re purpose all different kinds of plastic bottles. From food storage to art projects, there is no shortage of ways to breathe new life into your used plastic bottles.

Watch video tutorial here

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