6 Easy DIY Doll making ideas

DIY doll making is fun and easy and most kids will play with any doll and have fun with it, but there’s something special about being able to make a doll for your child yourself. Whether you’re customizing an existing doll so your child can relate to it or creating your own from scratch, that toy will be filled with love and might even become a family heirloom some day.
Check out these adorable DIY ideas for making your very own dolls!

1. Fabric Bunny

Fabric bunny doll is very easy to make and for this diy projects just used fabric, cotton, and wooden bead how simple isn’t it?
watch video tutorial here

2. Pom pom sheep

This DIY doll made out of pom poms which you can make easily with woolen threads. For this craft project mainly used pom poms, glitter paper and googly eyes , Your own handmade tiny doll ready.

3.Tissue paper dancing doll

Tissue paper dancing doll , this doll making idea is so simple and easy ,it’s a best weekend craft project that you can do with your kids. Watch DIY home decor from plastic bottle here

4. Dragonfly keychain

I am sure that your kids will love this easy dragonfly making, very easy craft project that you can teach your kids. For this craft project used pipe cleaners and beads. Happy craft !!!

5. Spoon dolls

Spoon dolls are very easy craft project that kids can practice weekend or school diy projects , only you need wooden spoons, paints, pipe cleaners, pom poms, ribbon bows and googly eyes.

6. Pom pom doll

This DIY doll may look very simple, but still completely adorable! Your kids will love to make dozen of this tiny doll. This doll is so soft and tiny , make different colors and gifted to your loved ones .

Watch video tutorial here

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