5 Easy DIY Doll Making compilation

DIY Doll Making ; I mostly use plastic bottles and other
waste materials for this craft for crafts.Everyday tons of
plastic bottles were destroying. which is not only good for nature, but also harmful to living organisms. Because when plastic burns it produces a lot of carbon monoxide. let’s give them a new look Instead of destroying it, In this article you can see 5 different doll making ideas from waste materials .Hope you will enjoy the video WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE.

DIY Doll Making

DIY Doll Making ; Each day tons of Plastic bottle is been thrown on street which causes lots of diseases. Some people burn them as to decrease the space which is been covered 40 billion plastic bottles are produced each year in our country, mostly for mineral waters. Two-thirds of them end up in landfills. All things considered, this is not good for the environment. Avoid landfill by recycling them.

DIY Doll Making

DIY Doll Making ;Every day, tons of plastic bottles are thrown into the street, causing a lot of illness. Consider using beautiful plastic bottle dolls like these as your room decoration,and I am really satisfied with this project.

DIY Doll Making

Imagine that more diy dolls with different outfits ,it will be awesome handmade things. I can see it used for as a room decor or gifts.Find the instructions for making this cute diy plastic bottle crafts down below ,you can see the video tutorial

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DIY Doll Making

Making paper dolls is a fun, easy way to express your creative side and make a personalized toy. This is a great craft for young children, older kids, and adults alike. Whether you want to make a paper doll for a child’s craft or simply as an artistic hobby, you’ll need a printable doll template otherwise you can draw the doll easily how I did, the fun paert of this craft is coloring and decorations, make your paper doll cute as your imagination and enjoy the craft!

DIY Doll Making ; Making your own paper doll with its own fashion line and friends is something for people who love fashion design. This is a fun project that anyone can do. In this crafts I made a paper doll bride. Doll making is an art ,according to your creativity you can make dolls from any material you like.

Watch Video tutorial here

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