What does the meaning of the Letter ‘V’ in your palm

Can you see a ‘v’ shape line on your palm? If you can, here’s what it means for you!
When talking about palmistry, the heart line (i.e. the line that runs from your index finger to below your little finger
in a straight or curved fashion) is considered to be one of the most important ones. In fact, it’s one of the four major lines
palmists look at when reading your hand and trying to predict your future.

Each person has a different personality. Similarly the palm line also different. There are four main palm lines and the heart line is one among them. This line can help predict many facts about your life. They include relationships and personal characteristics.

If you have the special V line on your palm

-You are an extremely lucky person, bound to achieve success and money later in your life. Good luck and good fortune will always come upon you and you will be blessed to experience the friendship of some of the most beautiful souls.
-You are lucky to gain sincere friends. The friends will support you always, whether enjoying good times or going through a tough time. People with ‘v’ shape on the heart line would enjoy fame and a high position in society for all the good reasons.
– According to respected palmists, your golden age starting after the age of 35. And then your life will start improving for the better. However, before that, your life will involve a lot of struggling, which means you should brace yourself if you’re not 35 yet!

let’s take a look at what your heart line can say about you:

-For some people, this very heart line ends by forming the letter V on your palm. It is usually believed that the letter V on your palm is an indication of unfinished business or personal development.
-According to palmistry a person who doesn’t have a heart line, such a person is called heartless. Such people do not show any form of regret, love, and appreciate anyone apart from themselves.
-Breaks in the line of the heart, show that this person likes to change their feelings at the drop of the hat. The reason your heart line is so important is also that it says a lot about your past relationships as well.

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