Pregnancy Beauty Tips

Pregnancy Beauty Tips /Look more beautiful

Pregnancy Beauty Tips, that you have to follow up while pregnant. Pregnancy period woman’s body changing in many different ways. From the pregnancy “glow” (caused by greater blood flow and more oil production in the skin) to weight gain to changes in skin and hair, pregnancy affects every woman differently.Here are the Pregnancy Beauty Tips for Pregnant women.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips

1.Drink Water

The first advice your doctor will give you during pregnancy is that take plenty of oral fluids. If you don’t take enough water your skin look dry and dull and it causes wrinkles that make you age faster. The secret to youthful skin during this pregnancy time you should intake at least two liter of water every day. This tip is good for both you and your baby.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips : Water intake

2.Healthy Diet

When you’re pregnant, you must watch what you eat,because your baby will also be affected by the food you feed for your body. It is important that you eat right and consume healthy foods.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips : Diet

3.Belly And Skin care

To reduce the risk of stretch marks,you should moisturize your skin daily. You can buy good body butter like Shea butter or natural body oil, like sweet almond oil or olive oil. Make sure that you gently massage the cream or oil on a daily basis focusing on your belly, breasts, and hips.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips : Belly and skin care

4.Hair care

During Pregnancy time you many face heavy hair falling,may be it because of your nutritional deficiency,a lack of protein and among other things may cause hair fall.Talk your doctor. You can also use mild shampoos that will spare your scalp or get special shampoo from salon.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips : Hair Care


Hormones are playing silly game, because of that many pregnant women suffer from acne. However, you can always help your skin deal with these changes. The products you use during the nine months must be gentle and must not contain any harmful chemicals.  A gentle cleanser used twice a day will help keep your pores clean and your face soft and fresh.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips: Acne


Your skin is very sensitive while pregnant, so best use a good sunscreen. Check with your doctor or at your local drugstore for pregnancy friendly sunscreen creams or lotions.

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 Beauty Tips : Sunscreen

7.Sleep well

Getting enough sleep helps your skin repair the small damages done due to hormonal changes, reduce dark circles and gives your skin that well-rested look. You can use a maternity cushion or a nice and soft eye mask to help you to get sound sleep.

Beauty sleep

8.Go Green

Use natural, oil-free products on your skin. These products avoid harsh chemicals and are often more environmentally friendly. Some even are specifically blended for pregnant women.

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