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Hair oil Secrets of Kerala people long & thick Hair.

Kerala girls hair is world famous. People from God’s own country are blessed with dark shiny long hair. Ayurveda is the prime important thing of beauty care in Kerala. People from Kerala deeply believe in homemade and natural therapies for their day-to-day beauty care. The following ones are some of the natural hair oil making tips as practiced by the Kerala people.

1.Hibiscus Hair oil


1.Coconut oil 1 cup
2.Hibiscus flowers
3.Hibiscus leaves
5.Curry leaves

Hair oil : Hibiscus

How to :

Heat oil and add all the leaves and hibiscus to it. Heat the oil till the leaves and flowers get really kind of fried in the oil. Keep the oil to cool, you can probably leave it overnight. Then using a strainer or cotton cloth strain out all the leaf particles from the oil. You can use this strained oil as hair oil and the leaves and flowers can also be used for massaging into the hair.
NB : For washing your hair you can try shikakai powder.If you don’t have use mild shampoo

2. Tulsi Hair oil


1.Coconut oil
2.Tulsi leaves 1-2 bunches ( Tulsi powder )

Hair oil : Tulsi

How to:

Fresh tulsi leaves are good. But if fresh not available you can use tulsi powder. Get one or two bunches of tulsi leaves. Chop the leaves and put it in a mixer and crush it. Transfer the content from the mixer to a heating bowl. Add 1/2 cup coconut oil. Mix well and start to heat in a low flame. When fumes starts to come just add few fenugreek. When the grains pops up switch off the flame. Allow the oil to cool. Then sieve the oil into a proper container.
When you want to use this homemade tulsi hair oil, just warm it and apply on entire hair. Give simple massage on the scalp. After 30 min. you can take bath. If you have extreme dry hair do this twice in a week. Or apply this once in a week .

3. Amla Hair oil


1.Amla powder 2 tsp
2.Fenugreek powder 1 tsp
3.Coconut oil 1 cup

Hair oil : Amla

How to :

If you have fresh amla, then cut it into small pieces and dry it. You can use this instead of amla powder. Then 2tsp. amla and 1tsp. fenugreek , now add one cup coconut oil and mix well in a heating pan. Heat in a low flame. Watch fumes coming out.And then amla paste content becomes brown then stop heating. Do not allow the amla paste to get black. Allow the oil to cool down. Sieve it and pour into a glass bottle.
You can keep it minimum for two weeks. Do not refrigerate. When you want to use it just warm this oil and apply on hair. Do a light massage. Wait for 10-15 min. and then you can take a bath. Apply this homemade amla hair oil twice or thrice a week or at least once in a week.After applying this oil better use green gram/shikakkai powder to wash the hair.

4.Coconut milk Hair oil

Ingredients :

1.Coconut oil- 1 cup
2.Coconut milk 1 cup
3.Brahmi powder 2 tsp
4.Aloe vera
5.Tulsi leaf paste 1 tsp

Hair oil : coconut milk

How to :

Grate coconut and using a mixer/grinder crush it. Then squeeze the milk. Use fresh aloe vera. Squeeze the inner crux or you can use with the skin but cut into small pieces. If you have tulsi leaves make it a paste or buy tulsi powder. Mix brahmi powder, aloe vera and tulsi paste.
Add coconut milk and mix well. Now add coconut oil and mix together. Start to heat it in low flame. Stir with a long spoon. When the fumes starts to come add few grains of rice or fenugreek or corn and see it pops up. This is the proper time to switch off the flame. Take care to not getting the contents too dark or do not allow to burn. When it cools down sieve it and pour into a suitable glass bottle or ceramic container.
 Apply the hair oil all over hair and scalp. Give a thorough massage. Special attention for doing rubbing on scalp in a rounded motion. No need to apply excess oil, keep an average quantity to apply. Wait for half an hour. Then wash off, you can use green gram flour for washing the hair.
NB : If you are applying oil for the first time, apply this hair oil with coconut milk very little at the first time. Then repeat it after three days. Similarly do it three times minimum. Then only your hair and scalp will become used to the new product. First time application may cause a temporary hair loss. Don’t worry, continue applying.

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5.Curry leaves Hair oil


1.Curry leaves 2-3 bunches
2.Coconut oil 1 cup

Hair oil : curry leaves

How to :

Take 2 or 3 bunches of curry Leaves. Remove all the leaves from stem and wash them with water and allow them to dry in the shade so that there is no water content.After the leaves are dry grind the curry leaves to a paste. Pour a cup of pure coconut oil into a pan and heat the oil in low flame.After the two minutes add the curry leaves paste to the oil and boil for sometime till the green color of the paste become dark .Switch off the flame and allow to oil to cool .Filter the oil and pour into a desired bottle.Homemade herbal oil is ready
Apply the oil from scalp to roots and massage in circular directions .Wrap a hot towel around your head and stay for half an hour and wash off with home made shikkakai or shampoo

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