Korean Skin Care Routine for glass skin – 10 Steps

Korean women taking effort to maintain their skin acne-free and flawless all the time. There is a routine they follow to have an even-toned and radiant skin which is quickly becoming famous around the world. The Korean Skin Care Routine involves cleansing, toning, massaging and a lot of other stuff to obtain a flawless skin. Here is the skin care routine in detail.

10 step to Korean Beauty

1. Cleaning

Skin care routine starts with washing your face to remove makeup dirt. It is a very important step of K- skin care routine as it removes all traces of makeup, cream, dirt, oil, and pollution and skin pores. Cleaning will opens up the pores and clears them so that any subsequent procedure will work without any interference. The name of this step is double cleansing because you wash your face two times in a single sitting. Use a mild face cleanser with some lukewarm water to remove the dirt. Complete the step by washing with water again.

2. Massage

Korean skin care routine: Massage
Massage : Korean skin care routine

Massaging the face is very important to K- skin care routine, and it helps to relaxes the muscles giving them time to re-energize themselves. A relaxed face has a certain glow to it due to the improved blood circulation in the facial muscles. Use a foaming cleanser or a mild cream to properly cleanse the face. Gently spread the cleanser on your face and massage it by lightly pressing with the knuckle of your fingers in a soft circular motion. Try not to rub the face or press it too tightly on the skin as it will make it rough. Proper cleaning and some massage will improve the complexion of your skin and protect it from acne, pimple, and breakouts. Massage your face including the forehead and the sides of the nose as well.

3. Exfoliate

Korean skin care routine : exfoliate
Exfoliate: Korean skin care routine step

Exfoliation is a technique you can use to remove dead skin cells.When left unattended, these cells will build up on your face and body, leading to dry, grey skin as well as blemishes like acne. Exfoliation reinvigorates your skin, making your body and face appear smoother and healthier while getting rid of unsightly flaws. In Korean skin care routine Exfoliate is must do process.

4. Emulsion

The emulsion layer is often just a bit more viscous than the previous layers, starting to build the richness and sheen we are going for in the final result. Much like the prior layers, these products are often packed with botanical extracts and other power-packed ingredients. However, some skin types may need more moisture than others. If you are an oily skin type, for instance, doing an emulsion layer might make you feel greasy. For super dry types, we can never get enough layers! The best way to decide if this step will work for you is to get to know your own skin. Luckily, the more hands-on time you have with it during your routine, the easier that becomes.

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Toning is essentially a process where you replenish the skin and help restore the nutrients it has lost during the day. Toners reduce the pore size and help in refreshing the skin from within. For Korean skin care routine you must tone your skin for youthful and rejuvenated feel because due to age and other things like weather, pollution and other harmful things in atmosphere, the face and other body parts starts sagging and start showing wrinkles. Toners are used to clean the oil from the skin.


Korean skin care routine : Essense
Essence : Korean skin care routine step

Probably the most important step in the Korean skincare routine in applying the essence. Essence is basically a concentrated liquid or serum which is full of skin-friendly nutrients and ingredients like glycerin. Just a little spray of this liquid will increase the elasticity of the skin, make it firm and revitalize the cell renewal process. This will also give your skin a lighter complexion after regular use.


After you have applied the essence all over your face, you might use serum in Korean skin care routine to get flawless skin. The serum is nothing but a vitamin-rich, condensed version of the essence. It is more powerful than the essence hence only a drop of it is used in specific areas.

8.Korean Beauty Sheet mask

The facial sheet masks should just be used twice or thrice in a week or they start becoming ineffective. Massage your face with gentle hands for five minutes to boost the circulation and then apply the sheet masks. You can cover your whole face with the mask or just some targeted areas like under the eye, sides of the nose, wrinkles and your lips. There are several masks which come in specially made shapes and designs for specific areas of your face.

9.Eye cream

Korean skin care routine : Eye cream
Eye cream : Korean skin care routine

The skin around the eyes is also very thin and is prone to many different skin problems. The Korean skincare routine incorporates the health and beauty of our eye as well. Use an intensive eye cream to protect your eyes from dark circles, age lines, puffiness, and wrinkles. Just apply the eye cream to the skin and lightly tap the cream to spread it around the eye.


Although the skin becomes more clean and healthy than before, it loses some hydration as well. That is why this skincare routine asks us to apply a moisturizer. A mild facial moisturizer is more than enough for our skin to replenish the hydration lost during the whole process.

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