20 Journal writing ideas with Blank Notebooks

Are you love journal writing or notebooks? Do you have many journal or notebooks. If you can’t decide how to do journal writing, here are 20 ideas that will brighten up your creativity.

1.Gratitude practice

A gratitude journal writing is a great way to keep yourself in a thankful and positive state of mind. This article will offer some tips for starting and keeping one. Thankfulness is an attitude that you can practice and develop. Cultivating gratitude as the norm in your life will make keeping a gratitude journal much easier.

2.wish list

You can write your all wishes in notebook or If you suddenly remember something you want to buy for yourself a couple of months from now, write it down so you remember. You can also write down great gift ideas for your family and friends.


Everybody has their own method for storing credentials: some rely on sticky notes, others use spread sheets,here is the idea that you can write all your passwords,which used various sites . Make sure you remember which page you write it down in. For easy reference, you can stick post it notes or use the last few pages.

4.Daily journal writing

Keeping a daily journal is imperative for organizing your thoughts and keeping grammar where it needs to be. Writing without direction can lead to some wonderful creations, but it can also lead to writer’s block and hours of being unproductive.

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5.Dream Journal writing

Keeping dream journal is much fun ,I am keeping my dream journal near my bed , because easy to write my dreams at a moment.


Doodling and scribbling are most often associated with young children and toddlers, but anyone can do this art. The best part about doodling is that you need not have to be an artist to be a doodler. All you need is a creative mind. That’s right, no cheat-codes for that bit! Doodling is practiced by many people across the world, needless to say all the results are very vague yet unique and interesting. And this is the most prettiest and fun way to record all your emotions and what you did that day. When you have a boring class or are just in a mood to scribble away, open a blank page and let your pen/pencil flow freely to transfer your quirky imagination to the paper.

7. Recipes

Are you a cooking lover ,keep one notebook for writing your favorite recipes to refer when need.

8.To-Do List

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate. Between work responsibilities and personal obligations, life can get stressful, and it’s even more stressful when you forget something important. By creating organized to-do lists, you can prioritize the things you need to do, keep track of what still needs to be finished, and feel productive and prepared in all areas of your life.

9.Beautiful Memories

People choose to write about their lives for a variety of reasons, including a beautiful memories of there life. Most importantly Writing a memories is a very personal experience, if you’re willing to share your life story, it can be incredibly rewarding.

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10.Motivational Quotes

Journals are definitely fun to read and it can brighten your day, when you’re just not in a mood to step out of the house or you’re having an unproductive evening.

11.Secret Journal

It takes a lot of bravery to write down your deepest, most personal thoughts. It can be therapeutic to record your journal writing entries down on journal or notebook

12. Achievement

Journal writing is an excellent habit for people of all ages to get into and it can serve many useful purposes.starting one might seem a bit intimidating. Don’t let that stop you! Getting started is usually the hardest part.

13.Travelling Journal writing

You can use notebook for travelling journal writing,write your travel memories in a book ,you will really enjoy it. A travel journal, can be a critical tool in recording your traveling experiences.

14. Art Journal writing

Anyone can make an art journal. The only difference is how you use it. You can use it like a diary every day, like a comic book of your life, things that happened to you, or just do sketches of interesting or memorable moments from your day or week.

15.Fitness Journal writing

Fitness journals can help you keep track of where you are in your progress, show you where you may have to change things and motivate you to stay on track

16. Prayer Journal writing

There are many different ways to talk to God through your prayer, and there even some things to avoid. One method of prayers is to write a journal (something like a diary of prayers). You’ll be amazed to see how God has been answering your prayers as you keep track of what you’ve been praying about.

17.Mermaid Journal writing

Do you have a love of journal writing and mermaids? You can combine those two interests to make… a mermaid journal! Look for journals that remind you of the sea, like a beach-themed one or one that has a dolphin on it.Add your own ideas for the front cover: If you want to decorate a journal yourself, just take some glue-on or stick-on gems, glitter, stickers, or any other mermaid/ocean type decorations for your journal, and put them on. You can even make a bookmark by attaching a fake/real seashell to a ribbon for an ocean-inspired look. Don’t forget to add a title to your journal! You can write something like, “My Secret Life”, “Life as a Mermaid”, or “Beautiful Scales”.

18. Therapy Journal writing

Keeping a journal can help you digest your thoughts and understand your emotions.

19. Spiritual

A spiritual journal is a great way to track how you are growing spiritually. And this journal can aid you in becoming who you wish to be.

20. Positive habits

Write down a positive habit you’d like to implement in your life. It could be something simple like drinking more water everyday, or something life altering, like deciding to work on your anger. Either way, it’s a great way to track your progress and help you get the habits you desire.

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