Belly Button Oiling Benifits (10 )

Belly Button Oiling, ancient times, people have searched for remedies to stay forever young. For over 5,000 years, people in India have followed the Ayurveda to promote wellness and vitality. Natural oils are a huge part of Ayurveda. This includes everything from essential oils to carrier oils. They can affect everything from your health, emotions, and spirituality, so they’re worth learning about. You might be surprised that the Belly Button Oiling is a great place to start! This seemingly normal part of your body is more important than you think. Here are 10 benefits of applying oils to the belly button.

Belly Button Oiling Benifits

1.Glowing Skin

Belly button oiling benefits include glowing skin. The belly button, which is the where the umbilical cord was attached at the time of your birth, is internally connected to other parts of the body. It’s connected to the face as well. Oils on belly button will naturally moisturizing the skin. They work well on areas that are usually forgotten, like the belly button and stomach. It’s especially useful in the winter when the air is super dry.
coconut,olive oils and Olive oil are the good option.

2.Hair Growth

Belly Button Oiling For Hair Growth

Belly button oiling can help speed up your hair growth. The belly button is the focal point of your body that is connected with rest of the body and by using specific oils on your belly button, it’s speed up internal processes. Castor oil is the good option.

3.Pimples and Acne

Having pimple and acne on the face is the irritating condition that most of the girls facing. So to get rid of this problem you can put 2-3 drops of Neem oil in the belly button.

4.Menstrual Pain and Belly Button oiling

Menstrual pain is a monthly problem for some women. Belly button oiling benefits include relieving menstrual cramps and pain.To relief in pain put Ginger Essential oil diluted with Olive Oil in the belly button.You can also put olive oil in the belly button before going to sleep.

5.Shiny Nails with Belly Button Oiling

For shiny nails Put 3 drops of Mustard oil in the belly button. Putting Mustard oil in the navel is best for strong and shiny nails.

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6.Chakra Balancing

Belly Button Oiling for Chakra balancing

According to Ayurveda, the Navel Chakra is a major source of energy and imagination. It is home to your biggest dreams, fantasies, and goals. You should keep your navel balanced if you want to connect with your creativity . According to Ayurveda, you can ease rapeseed oil to balance the navel. Place a few drops in your belly button and massage. Sandalwood, rosewood, and ylang-ylang essential oils can be added for even more benefits. Do this once a week to help your creative energy shine.
– Remember, diluting essential oils is a must.otherwise it may irritate your skin. Before using a new oil, test it on a patch of skin to make sure you’re not allergic.


Constipation is the invitation to many diseases.To get rid of this severe problem apply few drops of olive oil in the belly button on daily bases before going to sleep.

8.Headache and Belly Button Oiling

Headache is a common problem because of too much brain work.Apply 3 drops of luck warm mustard oil in the belly button every night.And also massage with mustard oil head daily.

9.Stomach ache

Using oils in the belly button can alleviate tummy pain. This will help symptoms from conditions like indigestion, diarrhea, and food poisoning. It also doubles as a natural remedy for nausea and bloating.
Peppermint Essential oil diluted with Olive Oil is the best option.

10.Fertility and Belly Button Oiling

Adding oils in Belly Button can influence your fertility, whether you’re a man or woman. The remedy works by promoting relaxation of the uterine and abdominal muscles, protecting the sperm inside the tube for fertilization, enhancing the sperm motility and count, and treating menstrual issues like irregular periods. Recommended oil: Coconut.


There is no side effect of all these remedies. You can apply oil in the belly button without any risk. All these remedies really work and give you the positive result. So make the habit to put oil in the belly button every night before going to sleep and enjoy healthy and happy life.

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